Crypto-first business banking

A powerful interface for companies to make the most of their crypto
  • Store with permissions
  • Earn interest
  • Streamline payments
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Store safely

Multi-signature wallets are the most secure way to store crypto. With Multis, we're building a smarter way to manage them.
  • Invite team members and manage permissions.
  • Keep access to your company's funds through built-in key recovery system.
  • Stay in control: Multis never holds your company's funds.

Earn effortlessly

Crypto sits idle most of the time. We're on a mission to change that.
  • Earn higher interest on your company's stablecoins like DAI or USDC.
  • Connect to lending markets where loans are over-collateralized and collateral value monitored in real-time to prevent credit risk.
  • Lend and withdraw 24/7 — just like a modern savings account.

Streamline payments

Crypto payments are faster and cheaper than international wire transfers. Start now.
  • Save counterparties and employee details to pay directly from your address book.
  • Set roles and spending policies for your team.
  • Track balance and activity through email notifications and transaction history.

Run business on crypto

Token swap
Swap between 70+ ETH tokens including stablecoins.
Crypto exchange
Convert USD and EUR into ETH and stablecoins.
Transaction history
Add transaction details to make accounting easier.
Direct transfers
Set allowances and let your team spend on the go for petty expenses.
ENS addresses
Send to readable counterparty addresses — no more 0x cryptic addresses.
Get a live quote and insure your company's multi-signature wallet.
Advanced investing
Invest in easy-to-use automated trading strategies to accumulate ETH. And more.
Custom calls
Save custom smart contracts and make calls from the company's multi-signature wallet.
Coming soon

Crypto and fiat-enabled business account

Crypto is happening, but EUR and USD are not going away. We're taking Multis one step further and making these interoperable from a single online banking account, designed for companies.
That's right: crypto, but also EUR and USD accounts, cards and IBANs!
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Your company's funds are secure

Multis builds on the community-approved and thoroughly-audited Gnosis multi-signature wallet, which is storing over $1B of ETH.
Multis doesn't have access to your funds and doesn't store your private keys. And never will. You're in charge.
Multis deploys a simple static website. The attack surface is drastically reduced.

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We're building with them

Lending protocol
Human-readable crypto addresses
Multisignature wallet protocol
Gas relay protocol
Token swap protocol
Crypto exchange — credit card
Multi-signature insurance protocol
Web3 authentification app
Crypto exchange — wire transfers
Payment request protocol
Automated trading protocol
Query protocol for blockchains
Crypto exchange — wire transfers
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Breaking Legacy: A CFO's Guide to DeFi & Digital Assets
Decentralized Finance (or DeFi) and digital assets aren't just a fad or a bubble. They have the potential to provide value to people typically underserved by traditional banking systems, in particular small and medium sized enterprises. Learn how SMEs can leverage decentralized financial services including:
High interest savings accounts that earn more than traditional bank accounts
Accepting payments in digital assets before incorporation
Receiving instant loans
Invoice financing solutions
Paying salaries instantly in digital assets with no cross-border payment fees
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Multis, crypto-first business banking

A powerful interface for companies to make the most of their crypto
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