The crypto wallet to scale your business.

Professionalize your company's crypto: automate payments, offramp to fiat, track wallets, and start scaling your business.

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"Crypto business operations are the unspoken pet-peeve of DeFi entrepreneurs. In creating a wallet designed for companies, Multis professionalizes and automates some of the most gruelling parts of running your business with crypto."
Robert Leshner, CEO Compound

‍Crypto hasn’t gone corporate.

and it
needs to ...

and it needs to ...

Because despite innovation and growing mainstream acceptance, companies in the industry still struggle with basic business administrative tasks. Tracking wallets, bookkeeping (especially for complex DeFi protocols), and making bulk payments are complex and time consuming. Manual record keeping weighs down agile teams. As crypto companies grow, founders get sidetracked on admin. 
And it’s not just tedious. It’s scary. Office managers double and triple check shared spreadsheets; finance directors live in fear of the bank shutting down their account; COOs don’t know how to keep records for DeFi protocols. 

Enter Multis, the crypto wallet made for business.

Automate your payments and take back control.

Make the rules.

Set team payment limits and create an approval workflow all in one place. Get the right people access to wallets.

Offramp to fiat seamlessly.

Our accounts come with a USD and EUR account meaning you can go from crypto to fiat easily. We won't shut you out.

Pay in a click.

Make batch payments. Scale your payment schedule. Change the way you pay your team.

Speed up my payments

Trash the spreadsheet.

Save time and eliminate human error.

Upload and track all of your wallets: from Coinbase, to Metamask, BTC to ETH, hardware to multisig. A single source of truth that updates automatically and even tracks complex DeFi protocols.

Get an overview of your digital portfolio.

Our dashboard means you monitor financial performances in real time. Generate a report instantly.

Label all your transactions and save your contacts.

Get clarity on your expenses and automate your reporting. A built-in address book means regular contacts become names and not a long wallet address.

Simplify my reporting

Make your accountant happy. 

Give your accountant reading rights.

Spend less time getting your CPA up-to-speed on crypto- they can simply logon.

Get your taxes filed in record time.

Export reports as a CSV file and get the books in order.

Integrated with your accounting software.

We're integrating with Quickbooks and Xero, it's one step closer to bridging crypto and fiat.

Make accounting easy

Your company funds are secure.

Battle tested 

Multis builds on the community-approved and thoroughly audited Gnosis Safe wallet, which is storing over $1B of ETH.

Non custodian

Multis doesn't have access to your funds and doesn't store your private keys. And never will. You're in charge.

No lockouts 

Built-in key recovery ensures that you will always have access to your funds.