The Multisverse

Luis dos Reis
July 29, 2020


A quick 2 hours, pandemic-compliant journey on the Eurostar, and I find myself out of the British capital and into the hub of Parisian life. Trains in Europe have always been a liberating way of transportation to me, sometimes not just for the cost factor but for the "borderlessness" sensation it evokes, one of the most human and democratic means of transportation. They give you a sense of possibility and freedom. One might argue: "Codswallop, planes are just as convenient and cheap!" - You are right, they can be, but they sure don't feel the same. The reduced bureaucracy, very generous luggage allowances and intimacy you get with your journey, and yourself, along the way, are unmatched in train voyages (not to mention the benefits to your health, the environment and free WIFI 🥂 ). I guess that is mainly what attracted me to Multis, the sense of financial possibility and the empowerment it proposes.

Multis and why should the world care

Multis is a young yet thriving initiative by a French dynamic duo. Their vision is simple at its core: Building a transparent and frictionless financial system that truly empowers businesses - like most simple ideas its effects are powerful and far-reaching. It envisions to allow for greater control and flexibility when managing a company's crypto-assets. Features such as sending/requesting transactions, receiving interest on crypto, multiple authorizations per transaction, converting between crypto and fiat currencies, swapping your tokens, and much more are all neatly exposed in a beautiful and intuitive interface. As the usage of cryptocurrencies becomes more prolific and eventually ubiquitous, offerings such as Multis' are bound to become essential, creating the necessary connective tissue between the end-user and a plethora of DeFi protocols and mechanisms being constantly developed on the Ethereum blockchain. Which brings me to my next point...

Ok, pop the hood...

Multis is built on top of Ethereum, the main exponent propelling the decentralized Web, or Web 3.0, revolution. Decentralization, transparency and security are the default in this playing field, so it is clear why it is a strong proponent for building a thriving DeFi (Decentralized Finance) ecosystem. This global computer plays the role of a "backend" on the MULTIStack and is responsible for running Multis' protagonist system: the MULTISig wallet. It is a crypto-assets wallet shared by multiple stakeholders. This allows for actions, such as sending transactions, to be taken collaboratively, i.e. multiple stakeholders must approve a transaction before it can be executed on the blockchain.

The Engineering team's core idea is minimalism. Thus, Clojurescript was chosen as the lingua franca. Its terse and cohesive syntax allows for very fluidly translating ideas into code (a gift from LISP's homoiconicity - after a few days the parentheses really do "disappear").

Another essential tech pillar is the GSN (Gas Station Network) which runs in Ethereum. It is a mechanism which allows for GAS fees associated with blockchain interactions, such as transactions, to be paid by Multis further reducing friction to the end-user.

Closing thoughts

My first week at Multis has been an absolute blast. I was welcomed by a brilliant team and bought into the vision. Now all that is left is playing a part in further enabling this fantastic vision!

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