The cryptoff: Starting my crypto adventure at Multis

July 12, 2021
Valens Carpentier

I've known about Multis for almost a year now. I found out about them when I was doing an internship in the "cryptosphere" last summer. The vision and the product seduced me right away. So when I saw an opportunity in March, I applied right away. Going through the recruitment process (which included a case study and multiple interviews) confirmed my thoughts : I will learn at Multis, and I will learn from people who are passionate about what they do and what they want to achieve.

Doing Ops in an early stage crypto company is for me a huge opportunity and a pleasure. The wide range of skills and competencies that I will learn is huge and I am excited to start.

Imagine meeting people one day, and then the next day you go on a trip with them. Well, that was my first week at work.  Fortunately, one week before starting our "Cryptoff" (Multis slang for offsite), I had the chance to begin my onboarding from home to be at a certain level of knowledge on the company and the product. The onboarding process at Multis was perfectly organized and had great content.  I spent the first day in the office reading again and again to be as prepared as possible for the Cryptoff next day.

So, on my second day at work, I got on a train to head to Bordeaux with the Multeam. As soon as we arrived at the Airbnb, we started working on our understanding of the vision, the mission and how we wanted to put those into action. What better way to understand a company and the bigger picture?  I was able to understand the organization and the company culture - a great way to start an internship. I felt the same on the last day of the Cryptoff, when we worked on company values all together- it helped me understand the culture even more.

Having the chance to meet all my colleagues outside of the office was also incredible. In a typical first week, you have the chance to see your colleagues, but at the office it's harder to get to know each other. The "Cryptoff" allowed me to meet my colleagues in a special way that involved games, cooking, and brainstorming.  I was thrilled to spend time with the tech team, which is normally fully remote.

Our "HackDay" was also a great opportunity to work on team projects. My team didn't win it, but the chance to work across departments was fun and we produced something, that's the cool part.

The "relax day", if I can call it that, gave us time to get to know each other, we went to a wine tasting in a castle near Bordeaux and had a great dinner out. It was a fantastic way to be integrated easily.

My first week was intense, but also interesting and fun. If I can say two words for describing my first impression at Multis it's "People" and "Mission".

The most important thing I noticed is that Multis understands the incredible potential of the tech we use in the crypto space. And that particular point about Multis is why I related to their vision: they really understand that crypto can help us shift the financial industry. They are focused and on a mission.

I am really excited to join this great company and I hope to have an impact on the company as soon as possible.

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