Ta-da: a sudden arrival at Multis

Written by
Leonardo Natale
Posted on
Apr 28, 2022
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What do you do when you end up at a magic-themed party and you are the only one without a costume? You take the first wig you can find and pretend to be Hagrid, or Jesus (see below). That's how my journey at Multis started.

I had just quit my job and was working on a personal project to get acquainted with the web3 tech stack. Back at the party, that was my standard response to the classic "what do you do" icebreaker.

Be it the new hairstyle or the broken French, someone found me very reliable and forwarded my contact to Manon, our Talent Manager here at Multis.

Ta-da: 2 weeks later I was getting ready for my first week!

Onboarding to the tech team is very smooth and the goal is to deploy to production at the end of your 2nd week. To achieve that, each newcomer has a "copilot", a best friend (Alp ❤️ ). You can count on them to set up your development environment or discover Multis tech stack!

In record time, you'll find yourself working on your first ticket. For instance, I am migrating our website tracking from Clojure to our brand new NestJS backend!

We are transferring all our stack to Typescript, which will be my main focus in the upcoming months.

This is only one of the many challenges at Multis. Our roadmap is so exciting, every developer's dream. Native crypto-to-crypto swap, fiat bank account integration, supporting new chains. You name it!

If you are up for the challenge, wear your best wig and head to our recruitment opportunities!

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