Start sending crypto invoices from Multis with our Request integration

May 15, 2020
Thibaut Sahaghian

Crypto payments are too painful to use for most businesses. We interviewed our users and noticed two recurring frictions in their day-to-day business: company payments are hard to keep track of, and the risk of error still creates anxiety.

Today, we’re thrilled to announce our new integration with Request, which streamlines the payment experience of business invoices. With this new feature, finance managers can now request payments from their partners, directly from their Multis account, and make sure they get paid.

How can I send my first crypto invoice with Multis?

Request payment and track its status in seconds! We made it super convenient because we know entrepreneurs got better things to do — like making something people want 😉

  • Create an account for your company and deposit crypto. Multis is a self-custody banking solution, so make sure to invite other owners to enable key recovery, keeping your funds accessible at all times.
  • Hit “receive” from your dashboard and specify you want to “request a payment”. Fill in details so your business partner can relate to your payment request.
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  • Your business partner will receive an email including the details of your payment request and will be able to either send funds directly to your Multis account.
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  1. For even stronger security, your business partner can double-check the transaction using the Request Module, and connect her wallet to process payment without typing your address details — no more error risk!
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What are we planning next?

We’ll soon release two extra features to make this whole business payment flow 10x better:

  • Attach invoice information to your payment request to make accounting easier
  • Track your payment requests directly from your company dashboard to have full visibility on your ongoing finances and send reminders

Stay tuned!

Multis and Request

Multis is driven by one objective: help entrepreneurs use crypto to run business. Our banking solution streamline their internal workflows to let them make the most of their crypto funds, starting with payment!

The Request team is on a mission to enable a global cooperative financial system where people and organizations keep full control over their financial data and choices, by providing open standards & infrastructure for DeFi invoicing. The team has recently hit the major milestone of $1,000,000 in cryptocurrency transacted through the Request network.

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