Setting foot in the crypto maze

September 15, 2021
Icaro Motta

In this post you're going to read about my first week as a Full-stack Software Engineer at Multis and my very first impressions.

I joined Multis in September of 2021 in a fully remote style. As of today I'm working from Brazil, but I'm already dreaming of the day I'll get to know the culinary capital of the world, Paris, where most of the team is currently located.

Surprise, surprise!

You can't join Multis and not be impressed by the documentation maturity and onboarding structure that's in place. As a software engineer for almost 15 years, I can assure you this is a rare trait even in well-established organizations. Usually, you'd imagine a startup would be all about delivering features non-stop, which is fine in itself, but here I've found people truly value collaboration and are ready to help anyone even in the face of seemingly higher priority tasks.

Our collaborative culture will surely help us scale sustainably because we're continuously fighting back cumulative tacit knowledge (which, by the way, has a tendency to be like entropy). I think on my first day I already got the feeling that nobody wants to be a knowledge barrier. That's the power of bona fide cultural behavior, it reduces the friction for other people to reproduce positive behavior. As an example, I barely went through the initial onboarding, and I'm already thinking about onboarding upcoming engineers. Multis is empowering me to be a better professional than I ever was.

On the technical side, you bet Clojure(Script) is one of our key ingredients for success. It's waxy and can easily be transformed to whatever we need at any given moment. Sometimes it might be too malleable, so at the moment we're starting to give it a Hexagonal shape if you know what I mean ;). By the way, I'm sure Multis would be an excellent option for you if you'd like to solve problems using a highly functional language in the DeFi space.

Now, what if I told you I have never worked with blockchain technologies? How could I work in the company that's building the most awesome crypto wallet for businesses? Isn't it mandatory to be an expert in DeFi and Ethereum to work here? Well, not exactly! Multis doesn't necessarily need blockchain experts at all times. At the end of the day, our end-users don't want to be overloaded by even more crypto jargon (as if there wasn't enough already in this industry). I believe my biggest impact here will be to help Multis create a dependable, secure, and delightful experience for end-users. That is no small feat given how fast the blockchain ecosystem evolves.

During my first week, I loved how down-to-earth people were and how easy-going everybody was. No doubt interpersonal feedback can flow like raw honey over here. My first week even gave me Mel Robbins vibes, who would say "motivation is garbage" (kind of harsh I know), but in my opinion, it fits well with Multis' long-term discipline and smart work approach. I truly appreciate the fact that we're not having delusions of grandeur, but instead, we're getting our hands dirty and we're being pragmatic all the way.

We are here to help entrepreneurs and companies that want to shape the future thrive in the age of crypto. The second-order effects in the banking industry are too powerful to ignore. I'm humbly ecstatic to join Multis and I hope you too are excited for what's to come!

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