Picks from the Multis Crypto Library (Part I)

September 8, 2020
Samantha Fields

At Multis, we think of ourselves as crypto dreamers. When we look at digital assets and decentralized finance, we don't simply see a speculative currency or a 21st century bubble, but rather a new way to create and spread wealth that's faster, cheaper, and more inclusive than legacy banking. But we know that for many people, the crypto world can seem off-putting and difficult to understand. It makes sense: between highly conceptual whitepapers, obscure jargon, and memecoins named after yams, sushi and tacos, blockchain and crypto communities can appear insular and esoteric.

That's why we keep a running company library that includes favorite publications, videos, podcasts, and books that cut through the noise. This is what we recommend to people trying to get a grip on the world of crypto, decentralized finance, and blockchain.  Below are a few titles that we recommend, and we'll share more in the coming weeks so stay tuned!

Decrypt: For the stories behind crypto

Decrypt reports on the workings of the world of crypto and digital assets with a strong emphasis on investigative reporting and storytelling.

According to their manifesto: "Our aim is to highlight to our readers what really matters, whilst providing a toolkit to understand the fundamentals. We are a map for the doers of Web3, to help navigate the space and uncover the expertise and resources they need to shape the industry for themselves."

Recommended content:

  • Their Coronavirus and Crypto series details the unfolding COVID 19 pandemic and its intersection with blockchain and digital assets.
  • Their DeFi learning center offers easy-to-understand primers on topics ranging from DeFi Loans,  NFTs, and emerging DeFi projects.

The Defiant: For the people behind DeFi

In 2013, Camila Russo was a journalist at Bloomberg living in Buenos Aires when she discovered people using bitcoin as an independent financial system to hedge against inflation. This lead to an interest in cryptocurrencies and decentralized finance. Today she is the creator of The Defiant, a newsletter, podcast, and YouTube series covering the world of DeFi. What makes The Defiant stand out are the quality of Camila's interviews with the major people in DeFi as well as her op-ed contributors.

Recommended content:

Bankless: For a how-to guide about decentralized finance

The Bankless newsletter, founded by Ryan Sean Adams is designed as a guide for people who want to unbundle from legacy financial systems. 5 days a week, the bankless newsletter provides actionable steps including market rundowns, tactics to learn, as well as thought pieces. While the newsletter is fantastic in it's own right, the Bankless podcast and State of the Nation YouTube channel have become required reading since they've launched this summer.

Recommended content:

  • The Bankless Guide is a regularly updated step-by-step guide to help DeFi newbies get started in crypto and DeFI.
  • A Bankless Nation Parts I and II is Bankless contributor David Hoffman's long read on how Bitcoin and Ethereum will rewrite the rules of governance and banking.
  • Shameless plug 😉 How to Bank your Business without a Bank is a tactics Tuesday post written by Multis' very own Thibaut Sahaghian explaining why businesses have everything to gain from DeFi and how to open an account at Multis.

The list goes on...

One amazing thing about being in the DeFi and crypto space is seeing how fast it has grown. As more and more people invest and get curious about crypto and blockchain, the content has gotten better and richer. We'll be sharing other faves of ours on more niche topics like stablecoins, the business of crypto, thought leadership, and blockchain news. Happy reading 🤓!

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