New in Town: my first week at Multis

May 27, 2020
Samantha Fields

I am thrilled to join Multis as Marketing Lead. Coming from a background in media and advertising, spending my first week diving headlong into the world of crypto has been illuminating. I look forward to diving deeper and to help tell Multis’s story — especially to entrepreneurs who are not experts in crypto.

Throughout my onboarding this past week I was reminded of what writer Jacqueline Woodson said: “the more specific we are, the more universal we can become”. Where I see value in Multis is in the precise focus of its product: a B2B crypto bank account that is fiat-friendly and designed for small and medium businesses. While the focus at Multis might be on entrepreneurs and banking services, behind this is a powerful vision around economic empowerment and freedom of choice. As I toured the app, I was impressed by the quality of the financial services on offer. Thanks to DeFi, services that would normally require an asset manager, and would thus be out of reach for many SMBs are available. The easy to use, elegant interface makes managing crypto as fluid as a managing funds on a neobank dashboard.

Even though blockchain is being increasingly adopted by legacy players, and actors like Facebook are putting considerable ressources into crytocurrency, there remains in the eyes of many a binary between virtual money and fiat. While there may be a philosophical divide between digital currencies and state-issued monies, for many entrepreneurs both are necessary for managing treasury, earning interest, and making payments. That Multis has a holistic and inclusive vision of banking means that entrepreneurs can seamlessly toggle between these two monies.

My first week in has been incredibly enriching. I’ve discovered a product that is thoughtfully designed for its target audience and allows them to harness the power of decentralized protocols for greater traceability, treasury optimization, and easy payments. An industry that was once seen as esoteric is now easing its way into the mainstream, and I believe that Multis will be a key partner in empowering a new generation of entrepreneurs who are interested in redefining value creation.

I look forward to spending the rest of my onboarding getting to better know our users, establishing communications recommendations, crafting a relevant marketing strategy, and hopefully welcoming new team members, because you guessed it: we’re hiring.

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