My first week at Multis : From Confident to Convinced

November 24, 2021
Aurélien Leroy

Rendez-vous with finance

Hey there! My name is Aurélien and I'm the latest crypto-dreamer at Multis. I am a Senior Product Designer and I've worked for publicly traded insurance companies and banks in Paris for over 8 years.

My first encounter with finance was a long time ago. I was 4 years old when I went on a beach vacation with my parents. My only concern as a kid was buying candy at the beach store. I had to find a way to do it! So I used  a metal box that my grandfather gave me- it became my most precious possession!  I used the box to collect pebbles and seashells I found on my way to the beach. Once I was on the beach, I would try to sell them to any adult in sight. And you know what? it worked! I soon became known as "the rocks boy" in town and I was able to purchase all the candy I craved.  I held my box containing seashells, rocks, coins, and probably a lot of sand and salt; close to me while sleeping.

Making the switch from TradFi to DeFi

As a crypto-curious individual and a traditional finance worker, I studied many facets of crypto and DeFi before finding my new job at Multis. I eventually became convinced that DeFi would change the world, not just in finance. But convincing yourself is a process; My brain led me to think, after a lot of reading and accumulating knowledge, that DeFi was the next big thing! So I made a crucial call: Stop building the present and try to build the future. That's what led me to my job search and these beliefs directed me to Multis.

Let's build the future together!

I first met my coworkers at this startup, which immediately gave me a familial ambiance. Everyone speaks candidly and ask any amount of questions without being judged or mocked. We make decisions together and we are kind to each other.

Our Marketing Lead showed me a demo of the app, I was impressed by the quality of UI they produced without a designer in the team. With the whole team answering all my thoughts and questions I felt like a little boy again clutching his metal box.

But this box is Multis and it can store your most precious goods, not only your seashells and pebbles but also your coins! However, holding your box while sleeping is not that convenient now, is it? That's where Multis comes in. You can have multiple wallets in your Multis account. It is a non custodial wallet which will give you full control of your funds and its user-friendly features will make your life easy.

Finally, I would like to thank the entire Multis team for bringing back young memories, when everything was a sandbox, where every problem was a game and each solution looked doable with a candid approach. It is surprising but true that I had a hard time unplugging over the weekend. My only thoughts were about going back to my favorite game come Monday. I'm no longer confident, I'm convinced. It's not just my brain telling me we're building the future of finance, my heart is too.

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