Multis teams up with Polymath to open up security tokens to companies

August 2, 2019
Thibaut Sahaghian

We’re super excited to announce that our partnership with Polymath is now live! Issuers and investors will now have the option to chose Multis to manage securities tokens, for the most convenient wallet experience out there.

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Securities tokens are a game changer

Polymath is a leading platform that enables companies to issue security tokens to fund the growth of their company, through STO (security token offering).

Unlike regular cryptocurrencies, security tokens are actual financial securities. This means company’s tokens are backed by a tangible collateral like assets, profits, or revenues. These tokens must be compliant to KYC/AML requirements, and securities laws in their jurisdictions — the SEC in the US for example. This makes STO much safer than ICO, especially for investors 👮‍♀️

We believe securities tokens are a game changer for companies: it’s emerging as a powerful and valuable alternative to private equity and venture capital financing. Securities tokens allow for fractional ownership of real assets, which gives small investors opportunities to join, from all over the globe. Just like they did for ICO — this time in a regulated environment. Security tokens can also be traded on secondary markets between verified investors, for a much higher liquidity. Leading actors such as Société Générale are already pioneering this new financing instrument, with a €100M-bond issued last April, and we believe they will be soon joined by millions of companies tokenising any kind of assets, from shares ton real estate or even art.

A convenient wallet for investors and issuers

Multis is providing investors and issuers with an enterprise-grade wallet so they can take part to STOs conveniently, in total self-custody:

  • Investors and issuers can store security tokens conveniently along with ETH and tokens, and manage them with their team from a business-friendly interface
  • Issuers can also manage company’s governance related to these securities — distributing dividends to security tokens holders for example. We made it easy to save and call smart contracts from the same application, with no technical background required

Security tokens do not require companies to choose heavy and expensive custodian solutions: ownership transfers can only happen between verified investors and are constantly monitored by the Polymath ST-20 protocol, while tokens can be issued again in case of key loss. A light and self-custodian wallet such as Multis makes perfect sense and gives great flexibility to issuers and investors, without requiring any prior technical expertise.

Multis and Polymath

The Polymath team has been pioneering the STO space since the early days and is on a mission to enables trillions of dollars of securities to migrate to the blockchain.

Multis is driven by one objective: help companies thrive in a decentralised world. This starts by helping them accessing innovative and compliant funding solutions like STOs. We’re proud to join the Polymath Family!

Thanks to Théophile Villard.

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