Multis and TokenSets team up to help companies grow their crypto

October 17, 2019
Thibaut Sahaghian

Because life is too short to just HODL

We’re amped to announce that companies can now invest ETH through TokenSets automated trading strategies, directly from their Multis account. An exciting and convenient addition to the Compound integration to help companies grow their crypto 🌗

Enter automated trading strategies

At Multis, we strive to help companies make the most of their crypto so they can focus on building amazing products and drive crypto adoption forward. We released this summer an integration with Compound, to enable companies to earn interest on their stablecoins. But many companies still hold significant amounts of ETH that just sit idle in their wallets.

We believe asset management should not be reserved to Fortune 500 companies. With our TokenSets integration, we’re making trading strategies accessible to all companies, no matter how big they are, or where they’re located 💸

How does it work?

We’re using TokenSets’ decentralized asset management solution to allow for companies to automate trading strategies in order to increase their total ETH holdings.

Right now, we’re offering 2 types of strategies, called “trend strategies”: ETH 12/26-day exponential moving average crossover, and ETH 20/50-day moving average crossover. That sounds Barbarian, so let me explain 🤯

Simply put, on a bearish ETH market, your company’s ETH will be automatically swapped into stablecoins to limit losses, through a smart contract. And on a bullish ETH market, stablecoins will be automatically swapped back into ETH to benefit from price appreciation. This is called “rebalancing”.

The difference between the strategies mentioned above is the trading indicator chosen to trigger the swap:

  • ETH day Exponential moving average crossover: swap occurs when the price of ETH crosses above or below the 12-day exponential moving Average. We also let you choose a 26-day average if your investment is longer-term.
  • ETH 20/50-day moving average crossover: swap occur when the price of ETH crosses above or below the 50-day moving average. Again, we also let you choose a 50-day average if your investment is longer-term.
  • Exponential Moving Average is an indicator more sensitive to short-time price fluctuations than standard moving averages. Exponential moving average crossover is therefore a strategy more adapted to short-term investment horizons.

In both cases, the goal is the same: leverage price fluctuation to accumulate ETH. Just like your company’s asset manager or your bank would do. But automated, with no management fees 🤩

How can I invest my company’s ETH through Multis?

Invest in these trading strategies in seconds! We made it super convenient because we know you’ve got better things to do:

  • Create a multisignature wallet for your team and deposit crypto. Make sure to invite other owners to enable key recovery and keep your funds accessible.
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  • From your company’s dashboard, select ETH and choose your preferred strategy. There’s no minimum amount.
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  • Initiate investment and get it confirmed by your team — they’ll receive an email.
  • And…voilà! Your company’s idle ETH just got put to work.

Note: we simplified the whole investment process for convenience purposes, as we believe company executives should not have to be traders to be able to grow their crypto. Companies will effectively buy a TokenSets ERC20 reflecting their trading strategy — a basket made of 100% of ETH initially, which can be swapped back and forth to stablecoins through the Kyber decentralized exchange. More details here.

Can I trust Multis and TokenSets to invest my company’s crypto?


We’ve built a unique integration with a multi-signature wallet designed for companies, with multiple owners. We’ve added a notification layer, so you can receive emails each time your confirmation is required for a transaction to be processed. We believe in self-custody and never hold your keys, and we’ve written more on this topic here. With the TokenSets integration, investments are also decentralized. Funds are locked into thoroughly-audited and open-source smart contracts, and TokenSets have no access to them. This means you’re in control of your funds, 24/7 🔐

Withdraw crypto 24/7

Your crypto is locked into a smart contract, but Tokensets and Multis are designed to let you withdraw your funds whenever your company needs it. These funds will be denominated in ETH, unless you’re willing to withdraw during a “rebalancing”. In that case, you’ll still be able to withdraw your funds, but these will be USDC instead. You can convert them back to ETH using Multis’ in-app token swap 🏄

Multis and TokenSets

Multis is driven by one objective: help organisations and teams thrive in a decentralized world. This starts by helping them make the most out of their crypto (even while they sleep 😴), so they can focus on building amazing products.

TokenSets is the first application built on the Set protocol, which allows users to buy and sell tokenized portfolio management strategies easily. They strive to make asset management accessible to everyone, without the need to sign up for a bank, exchange or brokerage account. That’s pure DeFi, and we’re proud to be the first to integrate them 🎉

What’s next for Multis

After multiple releases during our summer at Y Combinator, we spent some time stabilizing the product and refining the UX.

We’re now working hard on getting rid of gas-related frictions, but we also crave for community insights. So we ask: what would be the key features and financial services you would expect as a company running business on crypto? We’d also love your feedback, your questions and your ideas 💡❓

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Multis is also hiring in multiple positions (growth/design/engineering): if you’re keen to join our team of crypto dreamers and contribute to our mission to democratize access to cryptos, send us an email at

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