Joining the cryptospace with Multis

May 18, 2021
Guilherme Devincenzi

When I had my first interviews with Multis, the first thing that came to mind was: these people are organized. Oh, was I in for a surprise...

Since joining, I've had the incredibly pleasant experience of being encouraged by my teammates to collaborate with real a treasure trove of a knowledge base: to write about my onboarding experience, contribute with tech discovery essays and get to know everything about Multis and how it works.

The onboarding experience had me touch the code base little by little, contributing with small but important improvements while I got to know both the code and the rituals around how things are done.

The company's culture fascinated me from day one: not only the organization (yeah, big fan), but also the passion, the emphasis on learning and collaboration,  the friendliness and openness made a huge impact on me.

It has only been a week, but I already feel relaxed around everyone: they've been extremely helpful and encouraged me to discuss, share and learn with each other - which is perfect, given the complex environment Multis operates in.

Crypto can be mysterious and controversial, yet the product is designed to make crypto operations accessible and to truly empower our users with the freedom that this digital economy has to offer while addressing the pain points unique to small businesses in the space.

One of the major issues I see with the crypto space today is the lack of good user experience.

This has been recognized in the community for quite some time, given that it is a space that moves forward at lightning speed, with developers building and innovating, trailblazing in what seems to be the future of finance.

Yet, users need simplicity.

Blocks, confirmations, hashes... These are all very interesting, but on the day-to-day operations we need abstraction and crave a good, clean experience.

It is paramount for crypto to grow outside of the tech-savvy spaces and into major adoption.

With this in mind and leveraging technology like the multi-signature wallets, it is possible to simplify the user experience while keeping security a core concern, and the Multis wallet is doing just that.

Let us move forward and help deliver economic freedom!

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