Introducing "Breaking Legacy": Multis' guide to DeFi & Digital Assets for Business

October 5, 2020
Samantha Fields

DeFi: Not just a fad, but a boon to small businesses

This summer, during the height of the DeFi craze, we tweeted the above infographic. Why? Because we believe that Decentralized Finance and digital assets aren't simply a fad or a bubble but represent a new generation of tools that can empower actors traditionally underserved by legacy banking systems, especially small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs). Our goal in making the infographic was to highlight DeFi companies who have solutions designed for businesses and not simply investors or traders.

"Breaking Legacy": Multis' Guide for the Crypto-Curious CFO

If the infographic was an icebreaker, what we've released now is a full-on conversation piece. We wanted to create a guide designed for the CFO who is curious about the decentralized finance ecosystem and is interested in understanding how that can be applied to their business.

We understand that lots of companies feel that crypto is too complex to be worth changing the way they work. Entrepreneurs are busy and may not have the time. That's why we wrote this guide- to show you that crypto can now be used as a part of your business operations. We know that a lot changes in the crypto world and we'll be updating this guide on a regular basis. We hope this can serve as a reference.

Our hope is that this guide will not only get you up to speed the with the decentralized finance ecosystem, but will also show you case studies that can be applied to your company. You'll see how running payroll, earning interest on your treasury, setting up spending allowances for team members, and accepting crypto can be done in a way that's fast, easy, and understandable for your accountant. We've also asked other players working in this space to lend their expertise to the guide, so you can get a sound understanding about taxes, accounting, loans, and invoicing.  

If you're interested in going further in your understanding of the crypto world, we have included our company's (growing) digital library on all things crypto: our favorite whitepapers, talks, interviews and articles on a myriad of topics related to decentralized finance.

Special thanks to our friends at Aave, Centrifuge, Fairmint, CoinTracker, Cryptio, and Maple!

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Breaking Legacy: A CFO's Guide to DeFi & Digital Assets
Decentralized Finance (or DeFi) and digital assets aren't just a fad or a bubble. They have the potential to provide value to people typically underserved by traditional banking systems, in particular small and medium sized enterprises. Learn how SMEs can leverage decentralized financial services including:
High interest savings accounts that earn more than traditional bank accounts
Accepting payments in digital assets before incorporation
Receiving instant loans
Invoice financing solutions
Paying salaries instantly in digital assets with no cross-border payment fees
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