Happy New Year! Some thoughts on 2019

October 1, 2019
Thibaut Sahaghian

We started 2019 hungry as ever but I never thought we would achieve so much. As founder, I often think we don’t do enough. It’s never enough. That we’re still so far away from making our vision a reality — and don’t get me wrong: we are!

But still. Looking back at 2019 is a blissful exercise. I feel proud. Proud to work with an extraordinary team that is constantly striving to improve. Proud to help visionary founders focusing on their projects rather than struggling with their finances. Proud to be supported by fantastic investors who believe in our bold — and admittedly a bit crazy — journey.

What a year!

Our goals for 2019 were simple: get our UX-friendly multisig in the hands of some pilots, iterate on our product to make something they want, get early traction and raise funds to scale our product and team in 2020.

We reached them all. But what a hassle to get there — and so much happened! Here are some highlights 😍

Baby Multis

We pitched Multis for the first time at EthCC Paris and tried to vulgarize what we were building to make it understandable from a business perspective. At that time, “company cryptowallet” seemed to resonate much better than “multisig wallet”. Looking at our new website, we’ve come a long way since then and I think our value proposal is now much clearer (I’d love feedbacks!) 😅

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Baptism by 🔥 for Multis!

During spring, we launched on Product Hunt and build up our community of pilot users. We owe them so much. Feedback, of course, but so much more: 2018 was annus horribilis for crypto, and 2019 seemed super gloomy. Many told us that this industry was doomed and that we would never grow and get funding. Talking to our tiny community and seeing growing excitement about our product kept us going. Thank you 🙏

Boris was one of our first pilot. He rocks!

Californian summer

We applied to Y Combinator March, without so much hope — there’s a lot of skepticism around crypto there and so few companies from the industry have been backed despite the Coinbase success story.

Still, we got invited to Moutain View and went through the much-dreaded partner interview. Just picture it: 2 frenchies trying to convince Aaron Harris that crypto would revolutionize the way companies do business…

“Oulala”, I said. “C’est fini mon ami”, replied Theo. Or so we thought: early June, we joined the S19 batch 🤩

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The program was a blast — we focused on three things only: talking to our users, building our product, and eating tacos. Period. And we accomplished so much in just 76 days — Théo wrote an amazing summary of our experience there.

We also met extraordinary founders from YC and beyond like Jon (Actiondesk), Esteban (TRM Labs), Simon (Valiu), Robert (Compound), Felix (TokenSet), and countless others. Truly inspiring people we can look up to when having a rough time.

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Mum, I gotta tell you: some beers were involved.

Demo Day and beyond

We survived Demo Day and worked the floor tirelessly to pitch Multis. Dozens and dozens meetings later in San Francisco, London and Paris, we convinced investors to back us. Bearish market and questionable clothing tastes did not help, but we pulled it off 😏

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Backstage selfie session just before our Demo Day pitch

Turning wallets into a business banking solution 🏦

Since our launch during YC, we’ve onboarded over 100 companies which now trust us to store funds, yield interest and spend seamlessly with their team — I like to think that we’re on the right track to “make something people want” 😁

We realised that business banking was essentially about storing, earning, spending. And we strive to keep delivering just that, starting with crypto. Let’s have a look at what we built, and what’s around the corner for 2020 🤩


What we built in 2019:

  • Easy-to-use multisignature wallet with emails notifications for transaction confirmations
  • Insurance cover against smart contract risk through our integration with Nexus Mutual

What’s next:

  • No-fee experience for your multisignature wallet
  • Expanded crypto support (incl. NFT)
  • Fiat-enabled accounts with IBAN and debit cards (USD and EUR)


What we built in 2019:

  • Compound integration to earn interest on stablecoins — over 3x higher than legacy banking today!
  • TokenSet integration to grow ETH holding through automated trading strategies

What’s next:

  • Alternative yield options such as stacking
  • Automated rebalancing between decentralized lending protocols


What we built in 2019:

  • Direct transfers: allowances for teammates — guests and owners alike — so they can spend on the go without confirmations
  • Accounting details
  • Address book to save counterparties details (including smart contracts!)

What’s next:

  • Recurring payments to automate payroll — we’re looking at you Sablier!
  • Labels and transaction history exports to streamline accounting

We also integrated with decentralized exchange Kyber, partnered with Wyre, Moonpay and Ramp to build fiat ramps, enabled ENS addresses…so yeah, we’ve been pretty busy 😃

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Legend has it that anise-flavoured aperitif and cheese was Einstein’s favorite diet

Bridging crypto and fiat

From DeFi impressive growth to increasingly favorable regulatory landscape, it’s clear that crypto is happening. But EUR and USD are not going away and we don’t expect to use DAI for Tacos Tuesday anytime soon.

So we’re taking Multis one step further in 2020 and making fiat and crypto interoperable from a single online banking account, designed for companies.

That’s right: crypto, but also EUR and USD accounts, cards and IBANs! We’re already working hard to make that happen and you can now join our waiting list to get early access.


2020 will be hectic so we’re hiring cryptodreamers in tech, product and marketing to build up the team and help us deliver on our bold mission!

And in case you were wondering: yes — we’ll teach you our crazy gif design skills too 🤗

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