From Fashion to Fintech: My First Week at Multis

September 16, 2021
Rumaisa Mohammed

Did I ever imagine that I would work in crypto? Never. As a management student who has briefly worked in fashion and is passionate about the fashion industry, I never imagined myself at a Fintech company. Then why did I apply for the Growth Intern job at Multis? People, Culture and Potential. Now let’s talk about that.


Multis - My first internship in the crypto space, nay, my first French work experience. A lot is riding on this and the pressure is on! I walked into the workspace with a childlike excitement who was nervous about not knowing anything about crypto or blockchain or DeFi but also was enthusiastic about the same. I was welcomed by a warm team and taken out by the Marketing Lead for a team lunch where I offered to carry the takeout and was told humorously “Don’t worry, you are not going to be the intern bringing everyone’s coffee”.


People at Multis value potential and hard work and they strive to create an ecosystem where the team is complementary in order to get best results. I think there is nothing better than a team that helps you grow. Well, it’s an added bonus that everyone is fluent in memes and GIFs.


If there’s anything I know that the people at Multis love, they are - questions and salads (Yes, the Multeam loves its salad and I think I am finally going to eat healthy). Since the beginning, every single person from the team has encouraged me to ask questions, no matter how silly I think it seems. There are no stupid questions here and as a person with limited crypto knowledge, I found this enriching.

Another remarkable thing about the Multis work culture is that it is EXTREMELY organized. My onboarding week was very smooth thanks to how orderly all reading sources were and how well planned out my week was. My little Monica heart was jumping when I saw how everyday is mapped out on Slite and communicated on Slack like a well-oiled machine.


Furthermore, team building and bonding is effortless here at Multis. We are urged to grab a cup of coffee with any employee and ask questions to be able to understand the subject and also what the other person’s role is in the team. My conversation with the CEO over coffee was delightful. According to him, the best thing I could say at the end of the internship is not just that I had a good time but also that I got to learn a lot and I am positive that I will definitely learn a lot. I have learnt so much in the first week and I cannot wait for what is in store.

This is a workplace that very quickly makes you feel a sense of belonging. A fellow business school student working at another Crypto based firm said “I really like what Multis is doing by the way, it's literally solving a lot of issues we're currently facing”. Now I know it has just been one week here but I couldn’t help but feel proud about our company. Multis does that to you.


I was one of those people who had a tainted image of crypto currency being dirty money and DeFi existing only to resist government censorship. But when I delved a bit deeper into DeFi, I saw a lot of promise. DeFi is the future. It is interesting how dependency on a third party or a centralised institution to build trust for carrying out transactions is not necessary now, thanks to DeFi. We have come a full circle. From a peer to peer barter system to fiat currency controlled by centralised entities and now to a peer to peer system enabled by Blockchain technology in a secure environment. It is making financial services accessible to anyone with a smartphone and an internet connection.

Multis as a company aims to simplify transaction operations with a plethora of user friendly features. As our CEO says, Multis isn’t about finance, it is about empowering businesses with financial freedom.

At first, I wasn’t clear about why the product is special but I applied for the job because I was excited at the prospect of working in the crypto space. After all, crypto currencies has its applications in multiple industries. It is slowly breaking into the fashion industry as well. Top luxury brands are now accepting crypto payments, Luxury retail conglomerate LVMH is running trials for blockchain based authentications, many fashion houses are plunging into NFTs and some are using crypto currency loyalty programs.

After joining Multis and understanding the product a little more, I realise that it can be a game changer and help various businesses handle their crypto assets better and maybe we will be helping various fashion brands manage their crypto operations soon. Ultimately, Fashion and Fintech are not that far off, are they?

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