First tryst with DeFi and Crypto

January 19, 2021
Geetanjali Sharma

I just finished my first week at Multis as the Marketing & Growth Intern. It has been an enriching and surprising experience for me so far. For the second part of my gap year, I wanted to do something very different from my past internship at a marketing agency. This is when I found Multis. While I do not have a  strong finance background, when I found out about Multis and what they do, I realized how important and interesting cryptocurrency is and I was excited to learn more.

I joined with a lot of excitement and anxiety.

What if it is too difficult?

What if I am not qualified for this?

What if I will never understand the concepts of Crypto?

What if nobody likes me?

But soon, all these anxieties evaporated away. I was greeted by the team - IRL and virtually and felt extremely welcomed. I had a whole new world of crypto and fintech to discover which also happens to change every day. It was a bit intimidating initially but I was encouraged to ask as many questions as possible. I feel like every day I am learning something new which is fulfilling. I am also learning a lot about startup culture. I have previously worked in an early-stage startup but since it was remote, I didn't get the full experience.

Here are a few things that I have learned from my first week:

  1. Everybody is really helpful - I cannot stress this enough. They realize that you are lost and confused. They want to make your onboarding as easy as possible too. This is why they encourage you to ask as many questions as possible. I never even felt once that I asked a stupid question or that I was bothering somebody by asking questions.
  2. It is Rewarding - I realized that my work, however small or important it is, is rewarding and appreciated. Since there is no corporate bureaucracy where I need to get approvals and validations from a lot of people, my work is completely autonomous and its success or failure depends on me.
  3. There is no better place to learn - I feel like I am going to be wearing a lot of different hats. My work will not be limited to the title of my role. There is a steep learning curve. There is limited manpower so there is plenty of work for everybody. Multi-tasking becomes a part of you. This maximizes learning.
  4. Entrepreneurs are really supportive of each other - Something which surprised me the most is how other startups and entrepreneurs support each other. It is so inspiring to see them take time out of their busy schedule to help others.
  5. Feeling lost is normal  - I feel like complexity is universal, be it a small company, a startup, or a large corporation. But, giving it time and some effort, it becomes clearer and effortless. If you feel lost, ask somebody, I am sure that they will be delighted to help.

I also learned a lot about crypto and blockchain itself. Blockchain, the technology which supports cryptocurrency, is revolutionising and not just for digital assets. The revolutionary potential of blockchain comes from its ability to securely inventory, track, subdivide and transfer wealth over the Internet. Blockchain gives us the possibility of a true sharing economy. It provides a technological mechanism which enables sharing. At its core, the technology of blockchain is a mechanism for securely keeping track of information. Rather than storing the information in a central location, blockchain enables a network distribution. Each transaction is propagated across the network at essentially zero cost and with total transparency.

We can taste the decentralized future. Things take time, but the countdown has begun. I can't wait to start new things and discover more. Crypto offers a unique solution that renders fiat currency obsolete. Cryptocurrency empowers people to be their own bank and payment method. The primary challenges are regulatory and technical. In my opinion, the deciding factor on whether crypto will replace cash is user-adoption. But, once fully booted and integrated in our lives, cryptocurrency will make the world look completely different, in ways we can only begin to understand. I feel so lucky to be part of a team which is basically building the future for us.

The future is crypto, transparent, and free!

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