Diving into the world of crypto: my first week @ Multis

May 10, 2021
Kim Godson

When I started applying for an internship, I thought I had to take the first offer I got and sign the contract. However, after having met some recruiters, I realised that it's important to listen to how you feel during the job interviews. One gets to choose the company one is going to work in. Thus, my main piece of advice to you reader is to make sure you got a match.

With Multis, I got this particular feeling that we match.

In fact, during one of the interviews I had to integrate Multis as an ops intern, the CEO asked me about the criteria for the best possible professional experience. I told him that if learning, sharing, and empowering were the keywords, we would reach the top. Guess what? Week one and I've ticked all the boxes.

Getting to know more about DeFi, Blockchain and Ethereum

During my first week, I was thrilled to explore these fascinating topics. If I had to select three articles that I would recommend to someone who wants to learn about these concepts for the first time, it would be the following:

The jargon used by the crypto community may prevent people from diving into this bewitching world, therefore, this article written by the MIT Technology Review in 2018 (a glossary of blockchain jargon) is fundamental to go through the essential terms.

I would also recommend this captivating speech Linda Xie made at the Intro to Crypto event in 2018 which perfectly introduces the topic of crypto.

Last but not the least, one article that I deeply enjoyed was WTF is blockchain as it really makes blockchain understandable and digestible to anyone.

On top of that, this first week has allowed me to better understand Multis product which is completely focused on helping a new generation of crypto companies have the tools necessary to thrive. Hopefully, this will pave the way for the democratization of cryptocurrencies and a more transparent and inclusive banking system.

Exceeding expectations concerning the company's vibes

I have not only enriched my knowledge in the crypto ecosystem, but I have also learned a vision and a way to do business.

This week, I discovered an inspiring team spirit. In fact, the team has brilliantly managed to create links between everyone even though members of the team come from all over the globe and some work remotely.

I experienced a culture of helping rather than assistance. On one hand, I got the opportunity to have a whole team willing to answer my questions. On the other hand, I was entrusted with different missions and could put a few thoughts on the record.

I feel like this week truly helped me get to know the company culture and gave me the basis to work hand in hand with the CEO.  I genuinely look forward to helping the company grow and dive into the crypto world.

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