Bringing NFT tracking to web3 businesses

Bringing NFT tracking to web3 businesses
Samantha Fields
Building Multis
Bringing NFT tracking to web3 businesses

When we started building the best all-in-one app for web3 organizations, we knew how important it was for users to have a single source of truth for their company's crypto. This is why tracking multiple wallets was part of our product from day one. Knowing that web3 is greater than simply Ethereum and Bitcoin, we expanded chains to include BNB, Polygon, Arbitrum, and Optimism. Of course, the world of web3 changes at breakneck speed. In the past 12 months NFTs grew in both cultural and commercial relevance: NFT based startups are on the rise, and even big legacy brands are getting in on the action. With predictions of the market reaching more than $80 billion by 2025, NFTs have gone from a novelty to a legitimate asset class.

NFT Trackers: a growing need for Multis users... and businesses

Many of our users have been asking us for support in tracking their NFTs, an increasingly important part of their crypto portfolio. At the moment, there exists a growing roster of NFT trackers adapted for various use cases and chains. However, most of today's NFT trackers are built for individuals, and not for companies. This can be problematic when an organization is handling their assets as a team and where full clarity over digital assets is needed. We knew that users were toggling between their Multis accounts and external NFT trackers, as our goal is to provide a holistic overview of all digital assets, we knew we could level up and extend the product to NFTs.

Integrating with OpenSea for NFT Tracking

We decided to introduce NFT tracking thanks to an integration with OpenSea, the largest NFT marketplace. After speaking with our users, we knew that the most important parts of tracking NFTs came down to total valuation of NFTs across collections, foor prices, and of course, the images of the NFTs themselves.

We built this first iteration to track NFTs on Ethereum mainnet, but we plan on integrating other blockchains in the future. Right now, users can link the wallet(s) where they are storing their NFTs and visualize NFT collections including:

  • NFTs in collection
  • Floor prices and valuations
  • Total valuation of all NFT collections

Users can click through to an individual collection and visualize:

  • Valuation of the collection
  • Purchase price of NFT and date purchased

Tracking NFTs in Multis: Getting a holistic overview in a few clicks

If you want to track your NFTs from your Multis account, it's easy. On the Dashboard click on "Portfolio." In the Portfolio section, click on "NFTs" on the upper bar.

Next, click on "Track New Wallet" and either link your MetaMask or enter in the 0x address of the wallet containing your NFTs. Your NFT page will load and and you'll be able to visualize all ETH based NFTs on your wallet.

Interested in managing your NFTs as part of a digital portfolio with your team? Create a Multis account for free and give it a try!