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New updates and changes to Multis
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June 23, 2022
UI revamps to Optimize our users' experience

We are constantly refining and revamping our product to help our users manage their finances seamlessly. This week we introduced the following changes:

  • Assets Page Revamp:

The new Assets interface gives you a better overview of all assets in your payment and tracked wallets. With the gain & losses columns, you can identify top and worse performers and trade assets accordingly. The upcoming cost basis feature (average buy price) will help you to streamline reporting for tax purposes.

➡️ Get your cost-basis and PnL

  • Portfolio Page Revamp

The revamped Portfolio page now makes a clear distinction between the Payment wallet (your multi-signature wallet from which you can send crypto) and the Tracked wallets (read-only tracking). This is on this page that the fiat account will be displayed in the near future. 👀

We also fixed a bug that affected the smart contracts feature.