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May 19, 2022
Multis Makes the "Insights" page Shareable

Following multiple user requests, we're thrilled to make the "Insights" page on Multis shareable as a PDF document. This is the first step in allowing users to expand access rights to their larger community for selective data.

In order to share data from the "Insights" page, users can simply:

-Go to "Insights"

-Apply any filters (if desired) on cashflow metrics

-Click on "Share Insights" in the upper right-hand corner

Users will then see a preview of their PDF document. They can then click on "Export PDF". We plan on expanding this feature to include an excel file that's compatible with accounting software and a shareable link that's even easier to send.

Other Improvements:

  • Added a new UI/UX on "Transactions" tile to provide better clarity on flow of funds
  • Added a switch to select the payment method: either by adding recipients manually or by airdropping a CSV
  • Modifed the component to add a recipient in the payment flow. Users do not need to validate each line before proceeding to payment.