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May 10, 2022
Multis makes linking a Gnosis Safe Easy

It's now even easier to link an existing Gnosis Safe to your Multis account during account creation. This allows Gnosis Safe users to get the full benefits of Multis without having to transfer funds from their safes: this includes tracking multiple wallets, more sophisticated access controls, mass payment, and treasury insights.

To link an existing Gnosis Safe and set it as your Multis payment wallet, simply link the MetaMask that's associated with the safe you want to link. If your keys are stored on Ledger or Trezor wallets, you can import them to MetaMask, find out how here. By linking your MetaMask, Multis will detect the associated safe(s). Choose the address of the safe from the drop down menu. Your safe details will load on to your Multis dashboard. You'll need to invite any safe owners to the Multis accounts by going to your account settings and inviting them via email in "Teams".

If you've already created an account but would like to change your payment wallet to a Gnosis Safe, get in touch at

Other Improvements:

  • CTA on Weekly Digest email now redirects users to the Insights page
  • Users linking a Gnosis during the onboarding will now see the corresponding balance
  • Renamed the dashboard placeholder titles to remove any confusion
  • Fixed a bug that prevents user to log back in right after logging out