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April 14, 2022
Multis integrates with OpenSea for NFT Tracking

You can now track NFT collections on your Multis account. This was in response to users for whom NFTs make up a growing portion of their treasury. At the moment, only NFTs on Ethereum Mainnet can be tracked, but we plan on integrating other chains soon. We see this integration as a first step in what will be a more holistic and powerful suite of NFT tracking resources.

The NFT Page on "Portfolio"

Thanks to our integration with OpenSea, users can link wallets containing their NFT collections and visualize:

  • All collections of NFTs
  • Floor prices of all collections
  • Latest valuation of NFTS within a collection
NFT Collections Page

Users can also get details on NFTs in a given collection including the purchase price and date purchased of each NFT and the total valuation in the collection.

To track your NFTs on Multis simply go to Portfolio > and hit the "NFTs" bar on the upper right. From there, you can add wallets with the NFTs you want to track. To start tracking your organization's NFTs create an account here.