Change Log

New updates and changes to Multis
Multis Dashboard is revamped to showcase insights

At Multis, we want to save our users time when it comes to the nitty-gritty of crypto operations. The "Insights" section is a favorite feature among Multis users and so it made sense to bring a part of the Insights page- inflows and outflows- to the dashboard for even easier access to key information on flow of funds. The dashboard will still show recent transactions, including pending approvals. This way, admins can get to work approving transactions as soon as they land on their account's landing page.

We've also added a banner to the top of the dashboard, showing users how they can optimize their Multis account by tracking a wallet, for example. This way, users can understand quickly how they can get even more clarity over their organization's crypto finances.

Other Improvements:

  • The account creation flow has been totally revamped, so that users can create or link an existing Gnosis Safe more easily
  • Admins now receive a weekly email update with top-line metrics on their accounts and can unsubscribe if needed