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May 27, 2022
Multis accounting data gets QuickBooks friendly

This is the first step in what is planned to be a larger integration with QuickBooks - a favorite tool of our users for their crypto and fiat accounting. Users now have the option to export their transaction data as either a standard CSV document or a CSV that's formatted to QuickBook's specifications. This is designed to save users time when they're reconciling their transaction data. To export a QuickBooks ready CSV simply head to "Transactions" and click on "Export CSV" on the upper-right hand corner and select "QuickBooks ready CSV".

Other Improvements:

  • UI improvement on transaction page to bring clarity to Gnosis interactions
  • Security fixes
  • Opt-out option from the weekly digest in Notifications > Profile
  • Fees are now displayed by default on the Transactions page
  • Users can now request to link a Gnosis in-app
  • Revamped the payment page when a payment wallet is not activated (either through a deposit or through the linking of a Gnosis)