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June 28, 2022
Enter Crypto-to-Crypto Swaps on Multis

Multis is one step closer to building the all-in-one treasury management tool for web3 organizations.

We have been working super hard on shipping an irreplaceable product, which is why we previously developed features like multi-chain tracking and Quickbooks integration.

Today we are beyond excited to announce that we partnered with Paraswap to allow our users to swap crypto directly on Multis for a flat fee of %0.875 per transaction in a few clicks:

  • Select the tokens and amount you want to swap
  • Preview the transaction and the fees
  • Each owner of your Multis safe has to approve the swap

Paraswap - one of the leading DEX aggregators - facilitates the exchange of ETH/ERC20 tokens and conducts trades at the best market rates!

You can now rebalance your portfolio when needed, directly on Multis. Don't forget to share the transaction link with other admins to approve the transaction in real-time!