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Change Log

New updates and changes to Multis
June 28, 2022
Enter Crypto-to-Crypto Swaps on Multis

Multis is one step closer to building the all-in-one treasury management tool for web3 organizations.

We have been working super hard on shipping an irreplaceable product, which is why we previously developed features like multi-chain tracking and Quickbooks integration.

Today we are beyond excited to announce that we partnered with Paraswap to allow our users to swap crypto directly on Multis for a flat fee of %0.875 per transaction in a few clicks:

  • Select the tokens and amount you want to swap
  • Preview the transaction and the fees
  • Each owner of your Multis safe has to approve the swap

Paraswap - one of the leading DEX aggregators - facilitates the exchange of ETH/ERC20 tokens and conducts trades at the best market rates!

You can now rebalance your portfolio when needed, directly on Multis. Don't forget to share the transaction link with other admins to approve the transaction in real-time!

June 23, 2022
UI revamps to Optimize our users' experience

We are constantly refining and revamping our product to help our users manage their finances seamlessly. This week we introduced the following changes:

  • Assets Page Revamp:

The new Assets interface gives you a better overview of all assets in your payment and tracked wallets. With the gain & losses columns, you can identify top and worse performers and trade assets accordingly. The upcoming cost basis feature (average buy price) will help you to streamline reporting for tax purposes.

➡️ Get your cost-basis and PnL

  • Portfolio Page Revamp

The revamped Portfolio page now makes a clear distinction between the Payment wallet (your multi-signature wallet from which you can send crypto) and the Tracked wallets (read-only tracking). This is on this page that the fiat account will be displayed in the near future. 👀

We also fixed a bug that affected the smart contracts feature.

June 16, 2022
Crypto Cashflow Statement Available on Multis

Our insights dashboard was a success! Consolidating data from different chains/wallets and aggregating it into a holistic dashboard is very valuable for our users. That's why we decided to build the in/out data table that summarizes:

  • Inflows & outflows by categories
  • Total inflows & outflows
  • Change in cash

You can filter by wallet & time frame, for more detailed insights. Don't forget to export your insights as CSV and share them with your stakeholders!

Other improvements include:

  • The total balance on payment and tracked wallets are now dissociated.
  • Fixed a bug on the Smart contracts feature that prevents users to select a source wallet.
  • Improved swap user experience

June 9, 2022
Support more wallets via WalletConnect

Multis is now supporting more wallets than ever!

We keep on looking for improvements and integrations that help users manage their crypto finances more easily. Thanks to our newest integration with WalletConnect, users can now link their Rainbow 🌈 wallets - to Multis and get their finances in order.

This is also good news for our Ledger users because they can now save time and sign transactions directly with WalletConnect, without having to go through Metamask.

Other Improvements:

  • Dig into your inflows & outflows by months and by categories with a detailed data table.
  • Clicking a specific category on a chart will now redirect you to the transactions page filtered for this category

May 27, 2022
Multis accounting data gets QuickBooks friendly

This is the first step in what is planned to be a larger integration with QuickBooks - a favorite tool of our users for their crypto and fiat accounting. Users now have the option to export their transaction data as either a standard CSV document or a CSV that's formatted to QuickBook's specifications. This is designed to save users time when they're reconciling their transaction data. To export a QuickBooks ready CSV simply head to "Transactions" and click on "Export CSV" on the upper-right hand corner and select "QuickBooks ready CSV".

Other Improvements:

  • UI improvement on transaction page to bring clarity to Gnosis interactions
  • Security fixes
  • Opt-out option from the weekly digest in Notifications > Profile
  • Fees are now displayed by default on the Transactions page
  • Users can now request to link a Gnosis in-app
  • Revamped the payment page when a payment wallet is not activated (either through a deposit or through the linking of a Gnosis)

May 19, 2022
Multis Makes the "Insights" page Shareable

Following multiple user requests, we're thrilled to make the "Insights" page on Multis shareable as a PDF document. This is the first step in allowing users to expand access rights to their larger community for selective data.

In order to share data from the "Insights" page, users can simply:

-Go to "Insights"

-Apply any filters (if desired) on cashflow metrics

-Click on "Share Insights" in the upper right-hand corner

Users will then see a preview of their PDF document. They can then click on "Export PDF". We plan on expanding this feature to include an excel file that's compatible with accounting software and a shareable link that's even easier to send.

Other Improvements:

  • Added a new UI/UX on "Transactions" tile to provide better clarity on flow of funds
  • Added a switch to select the payment method: either by adding recipients manually or by airdropping a CSV
  • Modifed the component to add a recipient in the payment flow. Users do not need to validate each line before proceeding to payment.

May 10, 2022
Multis makes linking a Gnosis Safe Easy

It's now even easier to link an existing Gnosis Safe to your Multis account during account creation. This allows Gnosis Safe users to get the full benefits of Multis without having to transfer funds from their safes: this includes tracking multiple wallets, more sophisticated access controls, mass payment, and treasury insights.

To link an existing Gnosis Safe and set it as your Multis payment wallet, simply link the MetaMask that's associated with the safe you want to link. If your keys are stored on Ledger or Trezor wallets, you can import them to MetaMask, find out how here. By linking your MetaMask, Multis will detect the associated safe(s). Choose the address of the safe from the drop down menu. Your safe details will load on to your Multis dashboard. You'll need to invite any safe owners to the Multis accounts by going to your account settings and inviting them via email in "Teams".

If you've already created an account but would like to change your payment wallet to a Gnosis Safe, get in touch at

Other Improvements:

  • CTA on Weekly Digest email now redirects users to the Insights page
  • Users linking a Gnosis during the onboarding will now see the corresponding balance
  • Renamed the dashboard placeholder titles to remove any confusion
  • Fixed a bug that prevents user to log back in right after logging out

May 5, 2022
Multis Dashboard is revamped to showcase insights

At Multis, we want to save our users time when it comes to the nitty-gritty of crypto operations. The "Insights" section is a favorite feature among Multis users and so it made sense to bring a part of the Insights page- inflows and outflows- to the dashboard for even easier access to key information on flow of funds. The dashboard will still show recent transactions, including pending approvals. This way, admins can get to work approving transactions as soon as they land on their account's landing page.

We've also added a banner to the top of the dashboard, showing users how they can optimize their Multis account by tracking a wallet, for example. This way, users can understand quickly how they can get even more clarity over their organization's crypto finances.

Other Improvements:

  • The account creation flow has been totally revamped, so that users can create or link an existing Gnosis Safe more easily
  • Admins now receive a weekly email update with top-line metrics on their accounts and can unsubscribe if needed

April 28, 2022
Weekly update emails delivered to admins

Starting this coming Tuesday, all admins on Multis will receive a weekly recap email, detailing the major movements on their Multis account. The weekly update includes:

  • Inflows in USD
  • Outflows in USD
  • Net change in cash
  • Total balances

This email is designed to help admins get an-at-a glance understanding of key account metrics on a weekly basis. If they want to go deeper, then they can simply login to their account and consult the more in-depth Insights section on their Multis account. All admins on Multis will automatically get these emails. If you're a teammate but want to receive a weekly update email, request with your admin(s) to see if they can change your status.

April 14, 2022
Multis integrates with OpenSea for NFT Tracking

You can now track NFT collections on your Multis account. This was in response to users for whom NFTs make up a growing portion of their treasury. At the moment, only NFTs on Ethereum Mainnet can be tracked, but we plan on integrating other chains soon. We see this integration as a first step in what will be a more holistic and powerful suite of NFT tracking resources.

The NFT Page on "Portfolio"

Thanks to our integration with OpenSea, users can link wallets containing their NFT collections and visualize:

  • All collections of NFTs
  • Floor prices of all collections
  • Latest valuation of NFTS within a collection
NFT Collections Page

Users can also get details on NFTs in a given collection including the purchase price and date purchased of each NFT and the total valuation in the collection.

To track your NFTs on Multis simply go to Portfolio > and hit the "NFTs" bar on the upper right. From there, you can add wallets with the NFTs you want to track. To start tracking your organization's NFTs create an account here.

March 31, 2022
Bulk categorize transactions and close your books twice as fast

Following user feedback, we’ve made it easier to categorize and annotate transactions on Multis accounts.

When you go to the “Transactions” section you’ll notice a tick-box to the left of every entry. Users can select as many entries as needed (or select all), then click on “+ category/note” on the upper right hand side. They can then add a category label and/or a note to every selected transaction. Speeding up labelling means you can close your books faster and you can get more out of the category breakdown charts on our “Insights” tab.

Of course, we know that not every transaction needs to be labelled and categorized. That’s why you can now filter for “uncategorized” entries in the “Transactions” section of your Multis accounts. If you’re still behind on closing the books on Q1- this should help you get it done in record time!

Other improvements

  • “?” icon in the sidebar now redirects to our FAQ.
  • Fix where export transactions CSV based on dates was broken
  • Fixed an issue where users imported from JIRA could have invalid email addresses on account
  • “Current balance” tile is now impacted by the wallet filters on the insights page
March 10, 2022
Multis allows teammates to initiate payment, saving admins time

Empowering teammates to initiate payments

Lots of users told us that only letting admins initiate and approve payments slowed down operations. Now teammates can also set them up, all admins have to do is approve them with a single click. We know that this will go along way in making team operations smoother. Please note, while a teammate can set up a payment, they still can’t approve it. Only admins can do this.

Other improvements

  • The flow to track a wallet has been revamped. You can now track multiple networks at the same time.
  • When approving a transaction, we now automatically detect if you are on the right signing wallet. If not, we’ll notify you so you can switch to the right one.
  • We now give our users the option to filter by wallets or by periods on the Insights’ page.
  • Payment and tracked wallets are now clearly dissociated on the Portfolio page.
March 1, 2022
New filters on ‘Insights’ section

Following user feedback, we’ve updated to our Insights section to give users a more granular view of their funds.

Filtering by Date & Wallet

Users have the option to filter their transactions by date and by wallet. When users go to the “Insights” section, the data compiled is for all wallets over the past 12 months. Users can now filter Insights to display data from 1 week, 30 days, 6 months, or a year. Users can now filter Insights to display data from 1 week, 30 days, 6 months, or a year.

Money In/Money Out over 30 days across all wallets

Users can also filter data for one or multiple wallets that they are tracking in Multis. In the Insights section they can choose from the drop-down menu under “All Wallets” and select the wallets they would like displayed in Insights.

Money In/ Money Out for 2 of the tracked wallets in Multis

We’d love to hear your feedback on this section. Don’t hesitate to let us know what can be improved at

February 22, 2022
Multis adds “Insights” section for better visibility of crypto cashflow

Our users have been asking for a better understanding of their crypto cashflow. This is why we created the “Insights” section- to give users the ability to get big picture visibility and to go deep- in a single glance.

The insight tab displays the following metrics:

- Total balances
- Money in/money out
- Net change
- Network fees

You can find it on the sidebar on your Multis account, nestled between “Portfolio” and “Assets”.

Snapshot and historical metrics are key. You can also monitor money in and money out on the dedicated graph.

We also provide a breakdown of expenses by category.

Other improvements

  • We now give new users the option to automatically track their Metamask wallet upon onboarding.
  • You might have noticed an onboarding checklist on your app’s main page. We want to help you get the most out of your Multis account!
February 17, 2022
Multis: Integrating Polygon, BNB, Arbitrum & Optimism to make tracking more holistic

Going beyond Ethereum & Bitcoin: Integrating Polygon, BNB Chain, Arbitrum & Optimism

We heard your requests, and we are proud to announce the integrations of Polygon, BNB Chain, Arbitrum and Optimism on Multis. These chains are supported for tracking purposes only. Meaning you can get an even bigger picture of your assets crosschain in your “Transactions” and “Insights” sections. We decided to integrate these chains because they are among the most requested by our users- who aren’t solely on Ethereum and Bitcoin. We plan on integrating other chains depending on user needs and we will also start integrating these chains for payment purposes also, so watch this space.

Tracking wallets crosschain on Multis

All wallets show up on the Portfolio Section

When you log in to the Multis app, click on “Portfolio” > “Track new wallet” and add your wallets through Metamask or by entering the wallet address manually. If your wallet has assets on multiple chains, you’ll be invited to select the network(s) you wish to track. You can track multiple chains for a single wallet. The transactions from these wallets will show up in the “Transactions” section and will also be included in the “Insights” section of your Multis account.

Getting a clear picture of your crypto crosschain

As Ethereum gas fees have proved increasingly volatile, it’s only normal that the migration to Layer2 solutions and so-called “ETH Killers” has become inevitable. At Multis, we want to be a partner to organizations looking to save time and get clarity over their crypto finances. If you’re interested in getting a better picture of all your organizations finance, create an account on Multis for free. Or schedule a demo to see for yourself!

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