The Cryptobank for companies

A powerful interface to manage your company's crypto and earn interest

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Like a bank account

Multis turns wallets into a Cryptobank. A convenient interface to store crypto, pay suppliers, run payroll, and earn interest. Just like regular checking and savings accounts. With crypto.

Business ready

Multis streamlines business spending. Invite teammates, define internal spending policies, and set allowances. Track your company's crypto with email notifications and accounting-ready transaction history.

More than a bank account

Multis is building a bridge between crypto and fiat currencies. From a single account, access services powered by both open-source blockchain protocols and traditional banking.

Monitor your company's crypto

Check your company's balance in real-time and track all transactions from a single dashboard.

Handle multi-access to assets

Leverage a state-of-the-art multisig contract to secure assets, approve payments, and ensure compliance.

Set recurring payments

Get your team's payroll running on autopilot. Streamline your payments to subscription-based services. (soon)

Send and receive funds

Schedule payments for your partners and ecosystem. Send automated reminders to get paid by your clients. (soon)

Trade cryptocurrencies instantly

Invest, hedge your assets, and access decentralized applications. Swap between more than 70 tokens.

Convert crypto to cash

Receive crypto, initiate an exchange, and convert it into traditional currencies. All in one place.

And much more coming soon... Check out our public roadmap

Secure, non-custodian banking

Multis takes pride in being a decentralized application. We believe in security by simplicity and plurality, and we practice what we preach.


Multis builds on the community-approved and thoroughly-audited Gnosis multisig wallet.


Multis doesn't have custody of your assets and doesn't store your private keys. And never will.


Multis deploys a simple static website. The attack surface is drastically reduced.

Learn more about security at Multis

Earn interest on your company’s crypto

Multis integrates with Compound to let your company put idle crypto to work.


Stablecoins are tokens pegged to fiat currencies. They protect you against volatility and earn you more interest, up to 15% APR.


Borrowers are overcollateralized. In other words, defaults will not impact your principal and you still get to earn interest.

Withdraw 24/7

The protocol is designed to maintain excess liquidity at all time. Withdraw your company's crypto whenever needed.

Learn more about Compound and Multis

They trust us

Y Combinator


We're building with them


Multi-signature wallet.


Lending & borrowing protocol.

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Risk-sharing protocol.

Kyber Network

Decentralized exchange protocol.


Easy web3 provider.


Credit card on-ramp.


International money transfer.


P2P crypto exchange.

They made us blush

Multis - Crypto wallet for companies | Product Hunt Embed
@multisHQ I just discovered Multis and I'm thrilled, this is exactly what we've wanted for over a year now. All we need is the ability to calculate capgains and output to csv for tax purposes!

Flex Dapps, @flexdapps - View on Twitter

This is the kind of practical business operation improvement that I'm excited by programmable smart contracts: @multisHQ supporting "allowances" for ERC20 tokens so that staff can spend directly from the company multisig wallet

Boris Mann, @bmann - View on Twitter

Now this is the level of detailed UX I expect from Wallets ! Amazing work by @multisHQ

Pedro Gomes, @pedrouid - View on Twitter

We opened a gnosis multisig with a @multisHQ frontend an compound integration. While we waited for bank middle managers to decide if they wanted our money, we made over 300 dollars on dai sitting idle. Great UX, negative fees, safe. Honestly, I don't see why we need them at all

alex van de sande, @avsa - View on Twitter

Just discovered @multisHQ - finally someone is building a Revolut-like banking experience for businesses, powered by crypto!

Alex Svanevik, @ASvanevik - View on Twitter