The Cryptobank for companies.

A simple and powerful interface designed for your team to access, manage, and use your company's crypto.

A better wallet.

Store and manage your crypto easily with an intuitive, clean interface on top of a multisignature wallet. No code, no custody, no shared keys: Multis lets you do what you need and drive your business.

Business ready.

Multis is designed for companies. Invite teammates, define internal spending policies, and manage all your company's crypto the same way you handle traditional currencies.

More than a bank account.

Multis is your company's gateway to the cryptoeconomy. Access the services your company needs through open-source blockchain protocols.

Monitor your company's crypto

Check your balance in real-time and track transactions from a single dashboard.

Handle multi-access to assets

Leverage a state-of-the-art multisig contract to secure assets, approve payments, and ensure compliance.

Set recurring payments

Get your team's payroll running on autopilot. Streamline your payments to subscription-based services.

Send and receive funds now, or later

Schedule payments for your partners and ecosystem. Send automated reminders to get paid by your clients.

Trade cryptocurrencies instantly

Invest, hedge your assets, and access decentralized applications. Whether you already own crypto or not.

Convert crypto to cash

Receive crypto, initiate an exchange, and convert it into traditional currencies. All in one place.

And much more coming soon... Check out our public roadmap.

Secure, non-custodian banking.

Multis takes pride in being a decentralized application. We believe in security by simplicity and plurality, and we practice what we preach.


Multis builds on the community-approved and thoroughly-audited Gnosis multisig wallet.


Multis doesn't have custody of your assets and doesn't store your private keys. And never will.


Multis is supported by a minimalist architecture. We drastically reduce the attack surface by deploying a simple static website.

Learn more about security at Multis.

You made us blush.

Multis - Crypto wallet for companies | Product Hunt Embed
I've really been enjoying @multisHQ - a great business / organization focused web interface on top of Ethereum multisig wallets . Recommended & super responsive to feedback!

Boris Mann, @bmann - View on Twitter

You can't affort $100k onboarding for [bank/military/Chuck Norris]-grade hardware security module? @multisHQ is providing is a convenience layer on top of the great @gnosisPM #Ethereum #multisig. Another big step in #decentralization and #UX!

Validity Labs AG, @validitylabs - View on Twitter

If you're a DApp and still use individual wallets and exchanges to manage revenue, you probably need @multisHQ ;)

Nicolas Julia, @ni2las - View on Twitter

A bank interface. On top of a money protocol (Ethereum) & a vault protocol (Gnosis multisig). May add: loan protocol (Maker), payment protocol (Request), trading protocol (0x). This is what the early stages of a parallel financial stack looks like

Ryan Sean Adams, @RyanSAdams - View on Twitter

eFounders, probably the best startup studio in the world, which has originated companies like Front, Spendesk, etc. has created its first crypto product — and it’s stunning. Multis is a multisig wallet with a nice UI and permission layer with a Saas twist. It has user and beneficiaries management, as well as recurring payments and more. Great to see a product that will make it easier for companies to use crypto.

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